Versions of the library covered

This manual covers versions up to v4.0 of JpGraph. There are three main branches of the library:

The "3.x.y" and "4.x.y" branch

The "4.x.y" series is the current one and is only intended to run on PHP5 (>= 5.1) and PHP7.0.
The "3.x.y" series is the previous one and is only intended to run on PHP5 (>= 5.1).
This code is optimized for use both with PHP as well as the new (and bundled version) of the GD 2.x library. Hence this will not work if you only have the older GD 1.x graphic primitive library installed. However, all modern PHP installations since 2006 have shipped with GD 2.x so this should not in reality be any problem.


Please note that it is not possible to run the "3.x.y" series on PHP7.0. If you need to run on PHP7.0 then you must use the 4.x version of the library.

The "3.x.y-p" and "4.x.y-pro" branch (The pro-version)

This is in principle the same as the "3.x.y" or "4.x.y" branch with the difference that the pro-version includes a number of additional modules (see Part V. Additional graph types available in the professional version) not available in the free version. This includes both some additional graph types as well as 1D and 2D barcodes. In addition the professional license gives three months of email support for installing and configuring the library.