Appendix G. List of files included in the library

In the distribution these files are stored directly under the src directory in the distribution.

In the pro-version of the library there are also two alternative directories which contains variations of the core src directory. These additional directories are:


These file are suitable to be deployed on a production server. No examples or demo applications are included here and in addition all files have white spaces and comments stripped which makes them significantly smaller and hence reduce the load time of the files on a productions server.


These files are intended to be used with the PHP Accelerator from NuSpehere. This accelerometer can be downloaded free of charge from NuSphere corporation. For a production server this is the recommended installation since it significantly reduces the load on the production server. See Chapter 11. NuSphere PHP accelerator for information on how to install the freely available PHP Accelerator.

Table G.1. List of files included in the library

File nameOnly Pro Version Description
flags.dat Raw data for country flag in maximum size
flags_thumb100x100.dat Raw data for country flag in size 100x100
flags_thumb35x35.dat Raw data for country flag in size 35x35
flags_thumb60x60.dat Raw data for country flag in size 60x60 Interface classes to the low level GD library Stored image data for marker images Stored image data for marker images Stored image data for marker images Stored image data for marker images Stored image data for marker images Stored image data for marker images Configuration file for the library
jpgraph_antispam-digits.php Image data for CAPTCHA digits
jpgraph_antispam.php Extension module: CAPTCHA figures
jpgraph_bar.php Extension module: Bargraphs
jpgraph_canvas.php Extension module: Canvas graphs
jpgraph_canvtools.php Extension module: Tools for canvas graphs
jpgraph_date.php Extension module: Date scale handling Core module: Error handler
jpgraph_error.php Extension module: Error plots
jpgraph_flags.php Extension module: Country flags
jpgraph_gantt.php Extension module: Gantt chart
jpgraph_gb2312.php Extension module: GB2312 (Chinese) encoding
jpgraph_gradient.php Extension module: Gradient fill
jpgraph_iconplot.php Extension module: Icon images in plots
jpgraph_imgtrans.php Extension module: Image transformation
jpgraph_led.php Extension module: LED digits/numbers Core module: Legend handling
jpgraph_line.php Extension module: Line plot
jpgraph_log.php Extension module: Log scale
jpgraph_mgraph.php Extension module: Multigraph canvas
jpgraph.php Core module: JpGraph core module
jpgraph_pie3d.php Extension module: 3D Pie plot
jpgraph_pie.php Extension module: 2D Pie plot
jpgraph_plotband.php Extension module: Plot bands (filled areas in graphs) Extension module: Plotmark for line plots
jpgraph_polar.php Extension module: Polar plots
jpgraph_radar.php Extension module:: Radar plot
jpgraph_regstat.php Extension module: Spline and Bezier curves Core module: Color handling
jpgraph_scatter.php Extension module:: Scatter plot
jpgraph_stock.php Extension module:: Stock charts Core module: Text handling Core module: TTF font handling Extension module:: Various utility classes Extension utility: classes for automatic layout classes
jpgraph_odo.php *Extension module: Odometer plot
jpgraph_windrose.php *Extension module:: Windrose plots
jpgraph_table.php *Extension module:: Graphic tables
jpgraph_barcode.php *Extension module: 1D Barcodes
jpgraph_matrix.php *Extension module: Matrix plots

In addition to the files above the distribution contains the following directories

Table G.2. List of subdirectories in main src directory

DirectoryOnly Pro VersionDescription
Examples JpGraph Example directory
lang Localized error messages
barcode *1D Barcodes
datamatrix *2D Barcode Datamatrix directory
pdf417 *2D Barcode PDF417 directory
QR *2D Barcode QR (Quick response) directory
table_examples *Table examples
windrose_examples *Windrose examples
odometer_examples *Odometer examples
matrix_examples *Matrix plot examples