Release information

07 Aug 2023, JpGraph-4.4.2

Support PHP8.2

12 May 2022, JpGraph-4.4.1

Remove unnecessary files

20 Apr 2022, JpGraph-4.4.0

PHP 8 Support

22 Oct 2021, JpGraph-4.3.5

Fix the issue about gantt vline

11 Nov 2020, JpGraph-4.3.4

Fix the issue about undefined offset

16 Oct 2020, JpGraph-4.3.3

Fix the issue about DateScale

18 Aug 2020, JpGraph-4.3.2

Fix the issue about odometer

24 Apr 2020, JpGraph-4.3.1

Fix the issue about cache

07 Apr 2020, JpGraph-4.3.0

Support PHP 7.4

10 Feb 2020, JpGraph-4.2.11

Fix the issue JpGraph's error handler raises fatal error when the Error object is thrown

15 Nov 2019, JpGraph-4.2.10

Fix the issue Bar graph is not rendered properly when the data is single value

17 Oct 2019, JpGraph-4.2.9

Fix the issue that 'PlotMark' class does not work correctly after 'Clear' method is called

21 Aug 2019, JpGraph-4.2.8

Remove use of '$this' in static context

28 May 2019, JpGraph-4.2.7

Fix the bug of 'Min' method of 'GroupBarPlot' class

28 Nov 2018, JpGraph-4.2.6

Fix the issue that 'GetXMinMax' function returns null for xmin in specific case

18 Oct 2018, JpGraph-4.2.5

Fix the issue that cause x-axis is not rendered properly with many items

14 Sep 2018, JpGraph-4.2.4

Fix the issue that the warning is displayed when 'iTables' is NULL

03 Sep 2018, JpGraph-4.2.3

Fix the issue that the margin is not applied correctly when using 'Set90AndMargin' method

19 Jun 2018, JpGraph-4.2.2

Fix the use of deprecated method

23 May 2018, JpGraph-4.2.1

Fix the bug that the displayed value for total of cumulative graph is wrong

25 Jan 2018, JpGraph-4.2.0

Supported PHP7.2

20 Dec 2017, JpGraph-4.1.1

Fixed a bug of SetMargin.

25 Sep 2017, JpGraph-4.1.0

Supported PHP 7.1

16 Dec 2016, JpGraph-4.0.2

Fixed plot bar's value positioning bug.

09 Aug 2016, JpGraph-4.0.1

Fixed displaying labels of y-axis

21 Jun 2016, JpGraph-4.0.0

for PHP5(>= 5.1) and PHP7.0

07 Oct 2010, JpGraph 3.5.0b1

Feature enhancements:
* Added Theme system. User can easily change the design of a graph by applying prepared theme to the graph. Also see 'THEME CLASS' in the manual.
* Bundled some free fonts. By default, beautiful and balanced fonts are available.

Defects fixed:

Additional changes:

11 Jan 2010, JpGraph 3.0.7

Summary of high level user visible changes:

    * Corrected problem where a line could be partially obscured in an area graph.
    * Corrected problem with very small slices together with anti-alias on Pie graphs
    * Improved positioning for multi-line legend text items 
Feature enhancements:
* CR#595 - Add KEYENCODING_CLOCKWISE for Windroses with FREETYPE (Pro-version)

Defects fixed:
* PR#596 - Labels is sometimes cut off at the end with antialiased Windroses (Pro-version)
* PR#586 - PlotLine in Matrixplot using circular modules is half a module off
* PR#588 - NuSphere + PHP 5.3.1 can give exception handler error (Pro-version)
* PR#591 - Line is not properly redrawn in an area graph
* PR#592 - Empty color in Pie due to rounding problem
* PR#593 - Add autoload false to class_exists() call
* PR#594 - Not fully correct XHTML in CSIM HTML generation
* PR#589 - Line-breaks in Legend doesn't work anymore
* PR#585 - CSIM area is too small in legend texts

Additional changes:


JpGraph is an Object-Oriented Graph creating library for PHP5 (>=5.1), PHP7 and PHP 8 (<= 8.2, only supported by version 4.4.2 or higher) The library is completely written in PHP and ready to be used in any PHP scripts (both CGI/APXS/CLI versions of PHP are supported).

Latest Pro-release

07 Aug: JpGraph-4.4.2 (4.4.2)
Support PHP8.2

12 May: JpGraph-4.4.1-pro (4.4.1-pro)
Remove unnecessary files

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Latest Free-release

07 Aug: JpGraph-4.4.2 (4.4.2)
Support PHP8.2

12 May: JpGraph-4.4.1 (4.4.1)
Remove unnecessary files

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07 Aug: JpGraph-4.4.2 released
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20 Apr: JpGraph-4.4.0 released
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