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API Reference & User Manual
Vera TTF fonts, Chinese and Japanese character sets
Legend formating, footer text, graph rotation, fill styles, line and text autoscaling, manual scaling, vertical and horizontal grids
3D effects, 3D bevel effects for the entire graph including titles, 3D rendered markers
Error handling, caching of generated graphs, automatic generation of client side image maps, support for all primitive URL parameter types with CSIM graphs
Callback capability for plot marks, support unlimited number of plots in echa graph, advanced interpolation with cubic splines, over 200 country flags to use
Hare/Niemeyer Integer compensation for Pie plots, anti-aliasing for Pie charts, support for color alpha blending, color-gradient fill for bar graphs
Linear-Barcode module, 2D-Barcode PDF417, 2D-Barcode datamatrix, QR-Code 2-dimensional high capacity barcodes
Odometer/Tachometer module
Windrose module
Matrix visualization
Graphic Excel like tables
Installation and configuration support via email for 3 month after purchase
Inclusion of JpGraph in a commercial context
Server License One Production Server Only Multiple Server
Price FREE $103.74 $828.24


JpGraph is an Object-Oriented Graph creating library for PHP5 (>=5.1), PHP7 and PHP 8 (<= 8.1, only supported by version 4.4.0 or higher) The library is completely written in PHP and ready to be used in any PHP scripts (both CGI/APXS/CLI versions of PHP are supported).

Latest Pro-release

12 May: JpGraph-4.4.1-pro (4.4.1-pro)
Remove unnecessary files

20 Apr: JpGraph-4.4.0-pro (4.4.0-pro)
PHP 8 Suport

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Latest Free-release

12 May: JpGraph-4.4.1 (4.4.1)
Remove unnecessary files

20 Apr: JpGraph-4.4.0 (4.4.0)
PHP 8 Support

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20 Apr: JpGraph-4.4.0 released
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07 Apr: JpGraph-4.3.0 released
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